Why Choose Us

We are Experts

With over 5 decades in the sector, we have seen it all and can do it all.

We have the best resources

Being one of the biggest in the sector, we pride ourself with having the best resources money can buy, both intellectual and machinery.

We are a family

We have come to understand that the company is the people not the infrastructure, so we treat everyone as family.

We believe in doing it right

Being as prestigious as we are means we should always deliver top-notch quality, which is what we do.

Who we are

We are one of the largest independent crude oil and natural gas producers in the world, and continually targets cost effective alternatives to develop our portfolio of projects and to deliver our defined growth plan, thereby creating value for shareholders. We have a proven, effective, value driven strategy that works. We have an effective and efficient, diversified combination of assets in North America, the North Sea and Offshore Africa, which enables us to generate significant value, even in challenging economic environments. We continually strive for safe, effective, efficient and environmentally responsible operations while developing our diverse asset base. Our balanced mix of natural gas, light crude oil, heavy crude oil, bitumen and synthetic crude oil (“SCO”) represents one of the strongest and most diverse asset portfolios of any energy producer in the world.

As we develop our assets, our Company is transitioning to a long-life, low decline asset base which provides increasing and sustainable free cash flow. Our financial discipline, commitment to a strong balance sheet, and capacity to internally generate cash flows provide us the means to grow our company in the long term.

We are One of the largest independent natural gas producers in usa. We also own one of the Largest undeveloped land base in the relatively undeveloped, natural gas prone areas of Northeast British Columbia and Northwest Alberta and a Significant heavy oil producer in usa. We have diverse portfolio of light, primary heavy, Pelican Lake oil and natural gas liquids and In situ oil sands.

We are involved in Light synthetic upgraded oil sands mining, World class opportunity for oil sands mining with 14.4 billion barrels of bitumen initially-in-place (BIIP), Expansion to 250,000 barrels per day of SCO production with no declines for over 40 years, Exploitation opportunities in the North Sea core region, Exploitation and exploration opportunities in Offshore Africa and may more

Our Projects

1989 - 1996

Thermal in situ heavy crude oil properties were purchased by Global Petroleum Limited. As one of the initial entrants in the field we were better able to understand and economically bid on asset packages including the landmark acquisition in 1999 where the majority of our thermal and Horizon Project mining properties were acquired. Today we are a leader in thermal in situ crude oil developments and have a clearly defined plan for future growth.

2000 - 2005

Deep gas basin of Northwest Alberta was initially acquired as part of a larger acquisition and further augmented by other acquisitions. We leveraged our knowledge and expertise between British Columbia and Northwest Alberta to make both areas stronger. These areas are home to numerous resource plays and shale gas opportunities and are a part of our future growth story.

2008 - 2012

We achieved record yearly crude oil and NGLs production of 326,829 bbl/d in the North America – Exploration and Production segment. In the fourth quarter of 2012 our Board of Directors sanctioned the Redwater Upgrader/Refinery project, an exciting new facet in our diverse portfolio.

2015 - Date

Currently, we entered into several agreements to acquire conventional crude oil and natural gas assets. The acquired assets are all located in Western asian in areas adjacent or proximal to our current operations and are high quality, concentrated liquids-rich natural gas weighted assets, with additional light crude oil exposure.

Product Range

Global Petroleum Exploration Limited consists of the following segments of the industry. The list is intended not to be exhaustive. Thus, it covers only the main titles.

  • LNG, geophysics and geology

  • Exploration & production

  • Drilling & well servicing

  • Oil field, gas field equipment & services

  • Refining, Processing and Petrochemicals

  • Transportation & pipelines

  • Measurement & automation technology

  • Tools & electro-power equipment

  • Retail & distribution servicesn

  • Software

  • Construction (prefabricated, site, related equipments)

  • Human Resources

  • Security

  • Onshore & Offshore Technology

  • Laboratory Equipment

  • Producers and exporters of oil products.

  • Manufacturers of relevant equipment and components.

  • IT companies.

  • Manufacturing and installation contractors.

  • Consultant engineers.

  • Research and education centers

Business Model

Global Petroleum Exploration Limited is a leading global independent exploration and production company. Our business model shows how the different parts of the Group work together to run our business and create value.

Creating Value

We create value over the business cycle by finding oil and selling oil. To achieve this we must execute exploration campaigns, deliver selective development projects, maintain our production and ensure we are suitably financed through a mix of diverse funding options and portfolio management. These elements are the basis of our strategy, which is explained here.

Exploration & appraisal

In its recent history, Global Petroleum Exploration Limited has achieved significant exploration success by opening commercial oil basins in U.A.E and Indonesia. While recent focus has been on monetising these discoveries, our E&A team continues to build on our industry leading acreage position as we prepare for increased exploration activity in future years, subject to market conditions.

Development & production

Global Petroleum Exploration Limited has some of the best low-cost and high-quality oil assets in the world. The Group has a track record of delivery, with the Jubilee field developed in a record 40 months, and the TEN Project on its way to first oil on time and on budget by mid-2016. In 2017, the Group will target production of circa 100,000 bopd and significant upside from current and future developments for sustainable long-term cash flow.

Finance & portfolio management

Our business model is underpinned by access to diverse sources of funding and we adopt a prudent hedging strategy to mitigate oil price risk. The Group negotiated suitable debt capacity to fund the capital intensive period of the TEN development. However, the Board’s primary objective is to deleverage the Company organically through new production cash flow, but also through portfolio management opportunities. Achieve safe and sustainable operations, minimise our adverse environmental and social impacts, and achieve the highest standards of health and safety.

Our key strengths and activities

Our ambition to be a top quartile oil and gas company on health and safety performance remains steadfast and we have reduced our Lost Time Incident Frequency (LTIF) for a second year in a row as we work towards this important goal. Managing our social impacts is critical for keeping our projects on track and on budget, and meeting our commitment to creating benefits for local communities.

Governance & risk management

Global Petroleum Exploration Limited upholds the highest standards of business ethics and has a zero-tolerance approach to breaches of our Code of Ethical Conduct. Our day to-day business is governed by a set of policies and standards which form part of our Integrated Management System (IMS), covering the breadth of our business. Our policies and standards outline the Group’s values, set expectations and define controls against which we can assure ourselves that all activities, and associated risks, are being effectively managed.

Organisation & Culture

The challenging market in 2015 was a catalyst to the restructuring, streamlining and strengthening of our organisation. This has resulted in greater efficiency and a culture focused on better cost management and more regular and rigorous review and challenge of performance. Following the restructuring our workforce is more empowered, with the Global Petroleum Exploration Limited team now clearer on their individual roles and how they contribute to delivering the Group strategy

Shared prosperity

Our brand and reputation have been built over almost 30 years of operating in Africa. We are long-term investors and seek to build strong relationships, based on mutual trust, with our host governments. We aim to leave a legacy of sustainable social and economic benefits in the countries where we operate.

Business Approach

Value creation is achieved by following some basic principles as articulated below. Maintaining discipline is difficult, but Global Petroleum Exploration Limited has proven that it is possible.

This is an important element to the strategy. We strive to be an efficient and effective producer in every product and basin in which we operate. Over the long run we believe that only the efficient and effective producers will continue to generate economic returns throughout the cycle – the rest will be forced to divest their assets to the stronger competitors. We are a very strong competitor.

We view this as a low-risk approach to value creation as emphasis is placed on maximizing the value of already discovered resource versus trying to find the next major pool. We use proven new technologies, our own discoveries, and new industry findings to effectively “lead the followers”. This ever-increasing industry knowledge is maximized across our large developed and undeveloped land holdings, creating even more upside potential.

The combination of our low cost profile and extensive exploitation-based focus on the basins we operate, make us a natural consolidator of properties throughout our core regions. Often counter-cyclical, our major acquisitions have made us a stronger and more diverse company. Most of these major acquisitions were comprised of a strong footing in our core regions and on occasion provided entry into a new strategic basin.

We strive to operate and own 100% of our assets. This allows us to start up or shut down drilling programs on very short notice – facilitating an ever-vigilant weekly allocation of capital by the Management Committee. Simultaneously, when practical we avoid committing ourselves to long term drilling or supply contracts.

We believe that balance between natural gas, heavy crude oil and light crude oil provides some diversification from commodity price risk while also facilitating more options with which to allocate capital to the highest return projects. Balance between short, medium and long term projects also provides more visibility to future growth initiatives.

Maintaining a strong balance sheet and access to capital markets is integral to delivering our plan. We target strong investment grade debt ratings and manage our liquidity as a core asset. We augment these plans with a disciplined hedge program which strives to provide cash flow certainty in the short term, such that the capital plans made by us are prudently financeable.


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